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If you require skilled carpenters for your home in Sevenoaks, our team at A.G. Kerr are the right choice for the job. For over 20 years, we have carried out bespoke carpentry, joinery services, roof construction and timber building.

We have built our reputation in Sevenoaks over a number of years, working on projects for customers along Granville Road and Mount Harry Road. If you are looking for a high-quality finish for your home, trust us to deliver a finished product of perfection.

Professional carpentry in Sevenoaks

Since 2001, we have developed our expertise in carpentry, joinery and timber construction, and our customers have come to expect a consistently high standard from us. Whether you are looking for bespoke wooden furniture made to measure, or features such as staircases and skirting boards, we are flexible and able to cater to your requirements. Once the project is complete, we offer you the best aftercare advice picked up through our years of experience, to ensure that your carpentry stays looking its best for many years.

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Bespoke joinery
in Sevenoaks

When it comes to our joinery services in Sevenoaks, our skilled craftsmen are able to work with you on luxury furniture that will tie your home together. We can discuss your enquiry first before beginning the project at our workshop. We will keep you updated on progress before delivering and installing your new furniture at your home. Depending on your request, our joinery services cover all types of household furniture such as alcove units, as well as custom doors and windows that compliment your home. Our team of experts are able to take on projects of all sizes, from one or two pieces of furniture as well as working with developers to deliver windows and doors for multiple properties.

Our roof construction services in Sevenoaks

In addition to carpentry and joinery, our team is also fully trained in timber roof construction. We fit cut-and-pitch roofs to the exact specifications of your property, cutting and fitting the wooden frame on site. This is all done by our team, so it offers a more cost-effective option than crane hire. Cut-and-pitch style roofing has an edge over alternatives, due to the fact that if you are considering an extension or loft conversion in the future, your roof can be adjusted accordingly to fit the new dimensions of your home. If you opt for an alternative style of roof, our experts can advise on the design and construction process.

Timber frame building to your specifications in Sevenoaks

If you are considering changes to your property and looking to create more living space, our timber frame building services can transform your home. We can manage the construction process, whether it be an extension, annexe or new build to add value, you can discuss your design specifications with our team who will look to bring this to life and add a unique new aspect to your home.

What separates A.G. Kerr from
other carpentry companies in Sevenoaks?

Attention to detail

One of the reasons we have built such a positive reputation in Sevenoaks is due to our consistently high standards, ensuring that every aspect of your carpentry is perfect.

Skilled craftsmanship

Our team of expert craftsmen have refined their skills with over 20 years in the industry, meaning the level of carpentry and joinery they produce is unmatched.

Expert project management

In order to keep the job running smoothly, we assign a project manager who will keep our team working to a precise timeline and organise the process from start to finish.

Clear communication

You can be sure we will keep you informed throughout the design and construction process, whether it be timber frame building or joinery services. You can also contact us easily with any questions you may have.

Complete focus

Our team of experts only take on one project at a time, so you can be sure we are not prioritising any other jobs whilst we work on carpentry for you. Only once you are satisfied with our work will we move onto the next project.


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