Timber buildings, tailored out of sustainably sourced materials

When building a new home or even an outdoor annexe or outbuilding, using timber adds a luxurious element that can’t be matched by other materials. Our expert team only works with sustainably sourced timber, providing complete confidence in its origin and ensuring a smaller environmental footprint than many other construction materials. No matter the size of the timber building you have in mind, we’ll apply the exact same rigorous standards to ensure you benefit fully from our skills, experience, and quality workmanship. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life, and we will always find creative solutions that fully meet your needs.

How can we construct your ideal timber building?

Looking to build a new home or to add more space with an outbuilding? We partner with you to understand exactly what you need, then work hard to bring your vision to life. Whatever your requirements are, we will draw on more than 20 years of experience to deliver an innovative solution that meets them in full. We know that you expect a premium product, and that’s exactly what we deliver using our carpentry skills, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Our team is fully invested in making sure the end result exceeds your expectations.

Built to last
We are oak frame timber building specialists

We specialise in oak frame timber building construction, creating bespoke structures that take full advantage of the natural properties of this sustainable material. Oak frames require minimal maintenance and are exceptionally durable, making them a long-lasting statement of your vision. Oak frame buildings can last for centuries, developing a beautiful patina that makes them even more striking with age. As expert carpenters, our team can take on oak frame construction projects of all sizes, bringing your dream building to life and meeting your requirements in full.

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Why is A.G. Kerr Carpentry
the right choice for timber building?

Precision, skill, and attention to detail are just some of the key qualities that set us apart.
Our workmanship is also second to none, delivering results that can’t be matched by other companies.
We’re a close-knit team of professionals who:

Focus on the details

It is the little details that make all the difference. We pay close attention to these elements as well as the big picture, applying our skills and expertise to every aspect of the project.

Apply creative precision

A new home or outbuilding should be personal and exclusive to you. We apply our creativity within the design process, and our precision and experience during construction for the optimum result.

Bring an unrivalled experience

It takes experience as well as skill to deliver an extraordinary result. Honed over more than two decades, we apply both so you can savour and enjoy your finished timber building.

Lead with project management

Building a home takes many skilled hands to get the work done. You can rely on us to take charge, managing all the tradespeople involved so you don’t have to and can focus your attention elsewhere.

Communicate clearly

We believe in crystal clear communication. We will provide a single point of contact for your project, someone who will keep you informed at all times and who can answer all your questions.

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Concentrate on your project

When we are working on your project, it will be our sole priority. You will never have to ask where we are or how things are progressing.

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You can call 01342 822 750 or send an email to info@agkerrcarpentry.co.uk to speak to a member of our team.

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What else
can we do for you?

If a timber building isn’t what you need, our team can still be of use.
We provide a wide range of construction and carpentry services to suit all requirements:


Add new space and value to your home with a bespoke, meticulously crafted extension.


New builds

Ask us to build your dream home or to partner with you to construct up to six new properties.

New builds


Talk to us about partially or fully refurbishing your property.



Find expert, creative carpentry services of all types and sizes.


Bespoke joinery

See how our bespoke joinery can bring precision and beauty to your home.

Bespoke joinery

Roof construction

Transform your home with expert cut and pitch roof construction, built to your specifications.

Roof construction

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