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For many carpentry companies, extensions constitute a significant proportion of new business. But often property owners throughout Oxted, an area we enjoy easy access to due to our base in East Grinstead, only think of a carpenter for the “finishing touches” on an extension. Things like general joinery of skirting boards, wardrobes etc. A G Kerr Carpentry is not like other carpentry companies, and offers a complete range of services – including timber frame building and roof construction – that can bring an extension from the realm of imagination, into reality.

On this page, we’ve detailed the different aspects of building an extension, and how our team goes about it. If you’re interested in one of the many other services we offer, detailed across this website, don’t hesitate to contact us on (01342) 822750 or (07789) 434474.

Building the Frame

As a carpenter, we might be a bit biased. But we much prefer the many benefits of timer frame building, specifically high quality oak frame buildings, over brick and stone construction. Firstly, timber frames typically have high U values and are very thermally efficient. This makes your extension’s temperature easy to regulate, while reducing energy bills.

Secondly, it’s a natural, renewable material and minimises your carbon footprint. Thirdly, it’s quick and easy to install compared with brick and stone construction which usually takes much longer. Finally, wood is a very durable and reliable material – there’s a reason why we’ve been building with it since the dawn of mankind. Many Oxted clients opt for oak frame buildings; oak is a very durable and long-lasting material.

Roof Construction

We specialise in cut-and-pitch roof construction, a bespoke service very different from traditional truss construction. The latter style involves erecting a pre-fabricated frame, usually with the assistance of heavy machinery like a crane. This isn’t convenient for many Oxtedhomeowners, who lack the space and budget for machinery hire.

Cut-and-pitch roof construction is a much less intrusive. We design a roof structure made up of rafters, joists, purlins and collars then methodically install it on-site.

Cladding & Internal/External Joinery

Once the timber frame building work and roof construction is out the way, carpentry companies can look to the cladding and internal joinery. Not only does timber cladding look great, offering up a timeless rustic aesthetic, but it can compliment oak frame buildings by being highly energy efficient.

Then we’ll lay down flooring, skirting boards and install windows and doors – all aspects of joinery involved in the project. Choose a finish that complements your stylistic taste and wider property. You may want a stained or varnished finish , or something more raw and natural.

Furniture Fit Out

You’ve taken time to personalise your extension to your precise requirements, thinking about the dimensions, placement of windows, doors and lights – why fill it with generic, pre-fabricated furniture found in hundreds of other Oxted homes?

An A G Kerr carpenter can design and build bespoke furniture that will be entirely unique to you. Not only will it be functional, made-to-maximise your newly added space, but it’ll also look fantastic. Quality wood furniture is eco-friendly, comfortable and can be a fantastic investment. Carpenter made wood furniture, unlike alternative materials, can actually improve in value with age. We can design and build you:

  • Wardrobes
  • Bookcases
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Dining Tables
  • Side Tables
  • Desks
  • Sideboards
What are you waiting for? If you need a skilled carpenter for work in or around the Oxted area, pick up the phone and call (01342) 822750 or (07789) 434474.

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