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Top Choice Amongst Carpentry Companies in Haywards Heath

A.G. Kerr Carpentry cover all major locations in the West Sussex area including Haywards Heath. Our carpenters are timber frame building specialists with a full range of bespoke joinery skills that we deliver at fair, transparent prices. If you need a carpenter or have been considering a timber frame building, for either a stand-alone property or as part of a roof construction, we are here to assist you. Few carpentry companies manage to strike as appealing a balance of versatility and skill, while keeping their prices as competitive as our own.

Choosing timber frame building over alternative materials like brick or stone can provide a wealth of benefits and advantages for Haywards Heath. There are also a surprising number of applications that, for example, oak frame buildings can be used for. Here, we look at some of the more common benefits in greater detail.

Speed of Installation

Most carpenters and builders would agree that with the use of a prefabricated timber frame building, the entire construction process is speeded up significantly. This is because the entire frame can usually be erected by the supplying carpenter inside days instead of weeks. We can supply and erect anywhere in the Haywards Heath area.

Because we have a wide range of bespoke joinery skills at our disposal, any changes to the design of a timber frame building can be made as we work. On most jobs, this type of structure can often be erected in 7 to 10 days. However, when it comes to roof construction we prefer the cut-and pitch method over truss building. This is because the latter method often requires use of a crane, while the former doesn’t as it’s accomplished in phases. Few carpentry companies offer both options, but ours does – so if you have a preference, we’re happy to accommodate you.

Thermal Performance

Did you know that a timber frame building achieves superior thermal performance because insulation is contained within the structure’s depth? This is especially the case for high quality timber constructions, like oak frame buildings.The result is our carpenters can create timber walls that are typically 50mm thinner than traditional masonry. Timber frame buildings tend to have excellent energy ratings.

Clients in Haywards Heath also benefit once erection is complete. Choosing carpentry companies to create a home from timber will see the property heat and cool much faster than with masonry. This helps in keeping rooms at the perfect temperature either during the day or at night – even during winter!

Strength and Durability

History has shown that a well-constructed timber frame building can last for hundreds of years. There are many oak frame buildings around Haywards Heath that are fantastic examples of this. Because bespoke joinery requires such precision, the strength and robustness of our timber structures are always assured. A carpenter will work to strict dimensions that have been analysed and approved for durability.

While there will be some considerations to made should you wish to extend your Haywards Heath home in the future, the same can be said for traditional masonry buildings. Our carpenters can advise you should you ever wish to consider an extension, or to alter a roof construction to make it habitable, for example.

To learn more about the timber frame buildings we construct in Haywards Heath, call us on (01342) 822750 or (07789) 434474. Not all carpentry companies offer this bespoke service.

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