Timber And Oak Frame Buildings

We Build Timber & Oak Frame Buildings in East Grinstead, Oxted & All Surrounding Areas

One area in which A G Kerr Carpentry specialises is the design and construction of oak frame buildings. On this page, we’ve provided a few examples of the different types of timber frame buildings we most common construct in our principle service areas of East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Reigate, and Oxted – as well as characteristics which make timber an ideal construction material and preferable to brick and stone.

Types of Oak Frame Buildings We Design

Homes – As the cost of existing property throughout the UK continues to climb, not least in popular areas like Haywards Heath, Horsham, Reigate and Oxted – many are turning to self-build solutions. But building a property without help from professional carpenters can be risky, as designing and erecting a timber frame building is no easy feat.

That’s where A G Kerr Carpentry comes in. We can design and build oak frame buildings that have exceptional structural integrity, completely tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a small bungalow , or a larger timber frame building with space for four bedrooms – we can handle the job.

Garages –A traditional timber frame garage can add significant value to your property. Not only is the practicality of having inside storage for vehicles a big draw to potential buyers, but a well-built garage can look fantastic and improve curb appeal.

Extensions – Looking to invest in an extension? Not only can they add living space so you can realise your dream of a new open-plan kitchen, extra-room, home office, games room, or whatever else you’ve been pining after, but they can significantly boost the value of your property. Oak frame buildings make for great extensions, especially if you already live in a timber frame building and want to keep it aesthetically consistent.

Conservatories – While many opt for uPVC conservatories, consider the timeless style and many practical benefits of a timber frame one. They have a much more “classic” aesthetic, and bring a rustic charm that synthetic modern materials can’t replicate.

Why Timber & Oak?

There are multiple reasons why the timber frame building hasn’t retreated into antiquity, and is still extremely popular.

Ecology & Sustainability – With environmental policies in place at all reputable suppliers, timber grows quicker than it’s used. This makes it the one truly renewable building material. And because it comes straight from the ground, it’s non-toxic and is safe to handle/be around.

Production – Then there’s the low amount of energy required to turn a tree into construction-grade timber. This minimise the carbon footprint involved in construction of oak frame buildings.

Insulation – Timber is a fantastic insulator and can help lock heat within your property. Not only will this help you regulate temperature during periods of inclement weather, but it will help reduce your heating bill. A timber frame building has more space for insulation than their brick cousins, while wood itself is an inherently better insulator than steel.

Versatile – There’s no restrictions on what you can do with a timber frame building. Whatever size and style you’re going for with a design, it’s easy to work and can tick every box on your wish list. Its unrivalled versatility is why you’ll see it employed for everything from a home in Haywards Heath or Horsham, to a garage in Reigate or Oxted. This also goes for how quick it can be to erect, saving a significant amount of time compared with a brick or stone build.

Durable & Low Maintenance –Despite being natural and easy-to-erect, oak frame buildings are very durable and low maintenance. In fact, there are some that have been standing around East Grinstead and its surrounds for centuries completely undisturbed. All that really changes is the colour of timber, which darkens with age (which most find an attractive feature anyway).

Looking to invest in a timber frame building in East Grinstead, Oxted or elsewhere in West Sussex or Surrey? Call A G Kerr Carpentry today on (01342) 822750 or (07789) 434474.

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